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DataQuick® is Now Part of CoreLogic®!
Exciting product changes are in the works now that we’re part of CoreLogic®, including a new line of research and marketing products for DataQuick® clients.
In the 4th Quarter 2014 you will migrate off the ProspectFinder product to ListSource™.
Watch your email box for more information about your upcoming move to the CoreLogic® product suite.
Welcome to ProspectFinder®

ProspectFinder® is DataQuick®’s intuitive lead generation tool. With ProspectFinder, you can quickly and easily target your leads and market more effectively using our mortgage, real estate, or specialty lists.

  • RefiReadyTM : Target refinance candidates or view individuals who have recently refinanced.
  • Seller Carryback: Create a list of prospects where the seller provides financing for a home purchase.
  • AVM Equity: Find candidates with available equity using DataQuick’s proprietary automated valuation model.
  • Sub-Prime Loans: Target individuals that have current loans through a sub-prime lender.
  • LTV Equity: Develop a prospect list based on a property’s Loan-to-Value (LTV) range.
  • New Homes/New Owners: Find new homeowners that have moved during the last 90 days.
  • New Movers: Generate a current list of individuals that have purchased in the past 14 days.
  • Foreclosure: Search for properties in foreclosure.
  • Cash Buyers: Cash Buyers are individuals that have purchased property without a mortgage loan. These are also known as Cash Sales Leads or "all cash" transactions.
For more information on ProspectFinder, contact DataQuick at 1.888.604.DATA (3282).
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